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New mothers love sharing pictures and stories of their newborns. They post a picture a minute and you can’t help yourself but click “Like”.

Pinky Ghelani is no different, she loves sharing images of her bundle of joy with her fans but she took many by surprise when she announced that she and the husband have stored their son’s stem cells in South Africa.

“I am so happy that we found out about the benefits of stem cell banking just before the birth of our precious little boy- his stem cells are now safely stored with Netcells in South Africa should we ever need them down the line.”

The whole issue of stem cell collecting and storage is a bit controversial around the world but it seems to have some major benefits that made Pinky do it and even become Netcell Biosciences ambassador.

Stem Cells are retrieved from Cord blood which comes from a newborn’s umbilical cord and is collected immediately after birth. Once the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut, the remaining blood in the umbilical cord is drawn into a collection bag.

According to Netcells; “Cord blood stem cells are used to regenerate bone marrow to treat a range of blood disorders and immune system conditions such as leukaemia, anaemia and autoimmune diseases.”

The company’s website says that stem cells help to treat diseases that are part of the family history and very important to families of African descent and mixed race marriages, as these people are under-represented in donor banks/registries.

This is an interesting topic that Pinky has generated and while it is an expensive venture, knowing that your child’s future is sorted is priceless.


DJ Soxxy

OLX, the world’s leading classifieds website has partnered with some of the top gospel artistes to help spread cheer to the less fortunate this Christmas.

The campaign, dubbed, Sell To Bless” seeks to get people to sell their unused goods on OLX and use the proceedings to buy dry foodstuff from Uchumi supermarkets and donate to four needy children’s homes.

Jackson Kamau aka DJ Soxxy who heads the campaign says, “It is more cheerful to bless someone with what they need than what they don’t need. In the past, people have donated a lot of unnecessary stuff to needy homes just because
they want to clear the clutter in their homes. That is why we came up with the idea to sell the stuff to someone who needs it through OLX and use the money to buy dry food stuff to needy homes”.

“We see OLX as the solution because it is the only platform to sell the unused goods from homes to someone who needs it more. It is a win-win situation as the seller will de-clutter their homes by selling on OLX, while the needy children’s homes will get their preferred donations in form of perishables and maybe toys too for the children,” says OLX country manager.

The public will get a chance to nominate and vote for their preferred children’s homes through live TV-shows on Sunday mornings and on social media. The gospel fraternity will visit the four selected children’s homes and hold concerts to entertain the children while delivering donations from the public.

Other gospel DJ’s like DJ Gee Gee of Citizen says it is a brilliant idea as he has already sold his extra pair of head phones and other dee-jaying equipment through OLX. “I have to admit that the money is tempting once you have sold, but then you remember it is for a worthy cause and buy that extra packet of Unga for someone who slept hungry last night.”

This campaign is organized by a number of gospel artists who are out to share God’s love with the less fortunate in the community there are in. Some of the artists in the Sell to Bless Campaign are Dk Kwenye beat, Size 8, Willy Paul, Bahati, Djs Mo, Johnie Celeb, Sanch, Krowbar, Touch, Soxxy, Gee gee, Njugush,
Kambua and many others. We will together visit the children’s homes and do concerts, play games and interact with the children as we drop off the foodstuffs to them.

The campaign will run for a period of one month from 9th December, 2014 to 4th January, 2015.


It was the musical comeback of the decade. Kalamashaka, the Kenyan Hip Hop gods were about to shake the industry to its core. It had been nearly 15 years since they collectively picked a mic and gave their fans something to talk about.

Their comeback had become something sort of an urban myth, like Dr Dre’s Detox, people have learnt to never expect it yet when a new rumour shows up, we get sucked into the matrix.

The rumour was finally put to rest when word came out that they were in the studio working on something. We were excited but not too much just in case it was another hoax. Then their first single from retirement “Moi Avenue” dropped.

The hip hop heads went crazy, excitement was all over, the myth had been shuttered, they were coming back and we were ready. But Moi Avenue was good, not excellent, nothing we expected from the people who at one point were on the verge of dominating the African music scene.

The people who gave us classics like “Tafsiri Hii”, “Fanya mambo” had given us something forgettable. Moi Avenue contains the voices and wordplay that is quintessentially Kshaka but it’s like our ears are covered with Teflon, it just refuses to stick. They also made the comeback without one member, Kamau Ngigi.

The problem with comebacks by legends is that people expect too much, they expect you to make up for all the years you were away. The Hip Hop heads expected Kalamashaka to make up for the rise of mediocre rappers with their sing alongs and weak punchlines but what they brought back with them with hot. Hot is good but not when people were expecting sizzling.

Jay Z says that if you want his old Sh*t, buy his old albums because he is on that new sh*t. He is always being asked why he can never make a new “Reasonable doubt” or “Blueprint” largely considered to be his all time greatest works.

We expected Tafsiri Hii but we got Moi Avenue and that is to be expected but you can tell the fans are not receiving it well. Almost two months later and the video has a measly 8,000 hits.

Jaguar is probably the “Ole Lenku” of music. He is always being made fun of yet his songs are major club bangers and they notch up crazy hits. His “One Centimeter” video has over 180,000 hits in three months.

Jaguar has a strong base and his fans probably have no idea who Kalamashaka is but while 8K hits are not as bad, in an era where “Nyongwa” is getting 62,000 hits, it is not that good.

You cannot say the media has abandoned Kalamashaka, they have been all over radio and TV but that is mostly where the problem lies. Whenever they come on TV, people are always talking about how different they look and that is largely the conversation.

Life has not exactly been kind to these legends and would really love for them to catch a break and change that but that might not happen if “Moi Avenue” is what we can expect from them.

We are in an era where Juliani is the leader of the hip hop community followed by Rabbit and Octopizzo so Kalamashaka need to understand they have to outdo these kids. The new hip hop kings all looked up to Kalamashaka at some point but they will not stop and allow them to come and take over.

The fans who fawn over Kalamashaka but also be in love with Kalamashaka of 13 years ago and not the current ones. Listen to any interview, people want to know about Tafsiri and Fanya Mambo. Nobody seems to be referencing Moi Avenue.

But they could have been testing the waters with “Moi Avenue”, release something lukewarm to excite the masses and then release something major, something that will rattle your world. I pray that is the case. If not, then Kalamashaka’s gone baby, gone! I hope this is not the “Mwanzo wa Mwisho”.

Angwenyi Angela

Owning a home is everyone’s dream but owning it when you are still young and not having to deal with landlords anymore is a full blown wet dream.

Nation FM’s morning host Angela Angwenyi can cross owning a home from her dream list because she just bought and moved in.

She posted a photo of her enjoying a glass of wine after she moved in saying it was her first drink.

“And the journey begins…thank you God! First drink in my own home ‪#‎balconytings‬ ‪#‎vscocam‬ ‪#‎landlordbegone‬ ‪#‎homeowner‬”

Congratulations Angela, must be nice.

Angela Angwenyi 2

Angela Angwenyi

Ferdinand Omondi

Coast based KTN reporter Ferdinand Omondi has taken his talents global. Omondi, who has made a mark reporting about the never ending security issues in Mombasa will from today join global media giant BBC as a bilingual reporter.

The former Tahidi High actor posted the good news on his Facebook page;

“Today, a new chapter begins in my career as a journalist. I have had memorable times in local media, most recently KTN. I am most grateful. This 1st day of December, 2014, is also my first day in the world of Global Journalism. I am now a bilingual reporter for the BBC. Thank you for the support throughout. I look forward to sharing the African story with the world. Thank you for staying with me.


When you look at all the commercials and listen to people, you would think OLX is a website that only deals with small, relatively cheap products that someone wants to dispose off.

Well, you are right, but if you look closer, you realise that this online classified behemoth goes beyond a phone, a shoe or a laptop.

Search houses for sale and what hits you is a hotel in Kwale going for a staggering Sh385 Million. No, that is not a typo though the first time I saw it I thought it was Sh35,000 which was an insult to the house and the owner.

This stood out for me because I never expected to see that. I expected a “House for Rent” somewhere in Ruai or Rongai going for 20K a month but a 26 roomed hotel in Diani? Not a chance.

This just goes on to show that you buy anything that’s legal on OLX. If the government is OK with you selling it, then go ahead, they won’t mind, sell it.

You want beer crates, of course OLX has them, a bedsitter in Milimani for 6K, you can get it here. Want a posh 4-bedroom villa in Karen for Sh62 million, just click and find it.

For someone to list anything on this website, it means they know the value and potential of it and that is the best kind of confidence you can get anywhere in the world.

So, when OLX tells you that you can get anything on the website, believe it.


One of the most beloved politicians in Kenya, Otieno Kajwang passed away last night after a reported heart attack.

Kajwang was known for his humour and his trademark “Bado mapambano” song/chant and he will missed not just by family and friends but also Kenyans as a whole. He was different kind of politician when it came to connecting with the public.

Last week, Jua Cali bumped into the politician at Kisumu International Airport and a great idea was born – ‘Mapambano’ Remix.

Jua Cali posted; “Niko VIP Kisumu Airport naOtienoKajwang remix ya ‘Mapambano’ ikonjiani…”

It was obvious that the song would have been a major hit if he managed to get Kajwang in the studio to add some more lines.

But even with the great politician gone, Jua Cali can still use his vocals and come up with something major.

May the good politician rest in peace.

- Philip Etemesi


Who has time anymore? Whenever you meet up with any of your friends, all you hear is how busy they are. The rat race that is life today leaves people with no time to waste and is rationed to family, friends (some), school and of course work.

So it is a bit obvious that when it comes to shopping, may are turning away from the brick and motar stores an going online as a way of saving on time and of course money.

You realise you never call any Customer Care desk anymore, you just log on to Twitter and DM your issue and it is handled as you move on with life.

Multitasking is at an all time high today than any other time in history because of just how tight our schedules are today.

That should explain why OLX has been such a hit in the country as it is easier to find stuff than going window shopping.

Window shopping used to be fun when you were a kid but not today when you only have an hour’s break for lunch and in the evening you are trying to beat traffic.

Just log on, search for whatever you want, find it and contact the seller all in a matter of 60 seconds.

Once you find it, you just call up the seller, decide on the price and that is that. You did not have to leave your desk and go search for it.

The next best thing is that the price was already set online so you know how much it is and because of a wide variety, you are able to go with the price you like. Again, all this is done as you seat in your house or office or even over lunch.

Once you have chosen your product, you agree on where and how to collect it and most of the time, it gets delivered to you or to wherever you want.

You could be In Nyeri or Mombasa and instead of travelling to Eldoret where the seller is, he/she gets to deliver the product to you for a price or if you are a good bargainer, you get it for free.

That helps you cut down on shopping and travelling time and concentrate on more important things, like looking for more merchandise to buy.


They say you can piss just about anyone if you master the art of the comeback. Rapper Khaligraph Jones seems to have done just that. After a hater poked fun at his cheap jewellery, Khaligraph responded by posting a picture of his countless notes, putting the KOT member to shame.

Earlier on, the fan who goes by the Twitter handle @kanjefe had posted: “@Khaligraph alivaa flash disk kwa shingo sa zile watu wanarock machains..LOl”

Clearly pissed off, the Em-Besha rapper responded by posting this photo.

khali response

Anerlisa Muigai

It’s said that some live whilst some help others to live. Clearly, the Karanja family is living. Anerlisa Muigai, the daughter of Keroche Breweries CEO Tabitha Karanja is living life large. And it doesn’t end there. She still has even bigger dreams.

Despite coming from a rich family, Anerlisa is a self-made entrepreneur. She owns her own mineral water brand called Executive. Yesterday, she took to her Facebook account to post her wish list and many were impressed as a result.

Here is what she wrote:

My wish list

– to be a role model

– to be like TK (mum)

– to buy my dad a rolex

– to stay in Iniala Beach House In Thailand

– to be inside a Bugatti

– travel on the Dassault Falcon 900 Private Jet

diamond platnumz

If you doubted that Diamond is not a major force in Tanzania, doubt no more. Like many other influential people, the Tanzanian superstar was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Dar Es Salaam last weekend.

So what does this say? Don’t worry if you are dumb, just be a singer or politician and you’ll have your own graduation ceremony, VIP style – Interesting world indeed.

Through social media, he posted;

“I thank the University for the great honour. I also thank fans for listening to my music. Music is a tool that can promote culture and national unity as well as growth and I will continue to make songs that promote Tanzania across the world,” he said.

“As an artiste, I want to exploit art and culture globally and I am grateful for this award,” he added.

Congrats Diamond.


Dear Kenyans Who Post Food Pictures,

I hope you are all good. I am an angry Luhya chap. Whenever I log onto this thing called Instagram to try and analyze the mazigwembe of the beautiful ladies there, all I see is food.

I hope you are all wishing those tuchips you posted on Instagram would magically reappear; because you already cleared all your salary or pocket money hence you have no money to visit Sanford again. Or your boyfriend who used to take you to Chicken Inn has dumped you.

I know you want to have your ugali and eat it but please! please! please, you aren’t the only ones who eat. We eat too and we eat alot.

If people from my community decided to stoop that low and post pictures of meals, Instagram would be banned in Western Kenya due to spamming.

Posting pictures of your poorly cooked Madondo from Mama Lucy hotel is somewhat of a psychotic behavior. We don’t care what you ate, just keep your food excursions to your got tamself.

We shall not allow. We shall not tolerate. We shall not imaginate and we shall not conversate.

So, let’s say you are too ‘classy’ for madondo and you opted to post a picture of chicken wings yesterday. Do you know the amount of time it takes someone like me to devour a chicken wing? Two seconds and that is with some distractions.

There even won’t be time to grab a camera to document the moment. Do you expect KFC to hire you as their brand ambassador? Did you expect your friends to shout, “Awwww…… what a dope meal?”

Why do you have to put orbituaries for the slain chicken on your Instagram page. Let the poor birds rest in peace in the stomach. To rub salt to injury, after you post the obituary, sorry, picture, you go ahead to caption: Delicious chicken and hand cranked, strawberry crumble pie ice cream. Must have been a fat one when alive.YUMMY!”

That even sounds yucky if there is a word like that. We all know no one cooks better than my grandmother.

As if that is not enough, you then proceed to take various angled shots of the badly devoured chicken piece. Even the bones. Oh my God. Leave those to the dogs unless ofcourse you are a Luhya like me. Only people from my area are allowed to eat chicken together with the bones because, remember, Luhya is not a tribe, it’s a feeding program like someone stated the other day.

SO we don’t care how good your Caramel Macchiato Cupcakes look. Ladies, show us things that we can get. Like your bums and front offices for example. We would appreciate.
Thank you.

Philip Etemesi

Nameless Wahu

David Mathenge is quite a chilled guy. He is a likable fellow who lets stuff slide and takes things positive or not in his stride.

But, like every true male, he will stand up when someone touches on his family and he has done just that.

Over the weekend there were rumours that the celebrity couple could be headed for a nasty divorce after Nameless did a paternity test on his youngest daughter and discovered that he is not the father.

The couple has been on the low but Nameless has had enough and decided to respond to the rumours which he termed as “cheap and false.”

I normally don’t respond to cheap/ false gossip about me or my wife. In our business you have to be ready for it. However I will make an exception this time for two main reasons. One is because of the genuinely concerned people who want to know the truth and secondly because I think the blogger who came up with this false story about my little child and a paternity test went too far. It is sad and disappointing how far some people can go to get traffic to their blogs, to the point of creating a whole fabricated story, and more so, drag our children into this falsehood. So just to be clear, this whole story about us getting a divorce making rounds on social media is just a made up story by some blogger who wanted to trend. Funny thing about rumors such as these is that they actually make my wife and I stronger and closer, especially when some people try to attack our family. Apart from these unfortunate lies, I have a lot to be thankful for. Two beautiful healthy daughters and a strong supportive wife, amazing public support, and a career that I love. Bless!

Well, get back to work people, there’s nothing to see here.


“I am ready to die… I wanna die because there is nothing else to keep me alive.” Those were some of the words of prominent motivational speaker and media personality Dr Myles Munroe in what many are saying was a premonition of his own death.

The best selling author was in Kenya three weeks for speaking engagements and he did an extensive media tour and he met Jeff Koinange where he uttered those words that many will take to be his final words of encouragement.

“The wealthiest spot on earth is actually the cemetery… the graveyard if filled with music we never heard, paintings we’ve never seen, poetry never read, businesses that never opened, great powerful women who died as prostitutes… I want you to die empty, that’s the goal of life. Don’t die old, die empty. “Die like I am ready to die, empty.”

The good doctor wasn’t necessarily looking forward to his death as he talked about ambition and the fact that he could come to Kenya many more times and even probably start a studio together with Koinange.

Monroe died Sunday afternoon in the Bahamas after the plane he was traveling in crashed killing him, his wife and several other people.

According to police, the Cessna aircraft was en route to Freeport from Bimini with nine people reportedly on board.

The Department of Civil Aviation said the Learjet 36 crashed at 5:10 p.m. ET while making a landing approach at Grand Bahama International Airport. Burrows said a small number of other people were on board the plane, along with two pilots, none of whom were immediately identified.

Munroe, 60, was an internationally known Christian preacher and motivational speaker and wrote or co-wrote more than 100 inspirational and motivational books, many of which were best-sellers in the Caribbean and Africa.

Natasha Metto

Former Miss World Kenya Natasha Metto has been romantically linked with one of Mandela’s grandsons. Her countless trips to South Africa have only added fuel to the fire of speculation.

However, the beauty has now come out to disassociate herself from the Mandela family.

In an interview with Pulse Magazine, the beauty said: “No, there is nothing like that. I also heard it from the media.”

The denial will come as shocking news for some news agencies even in South Africa. Many of them had reported that Natasha was even about to tie the knot with one of the Mandelas.

- Philip Etemesi

diamond zari

Ugandan socialite Zari Hussein has come out to set the record straight about a possible romantic affair between her and Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

Suggestive photos of the two have been doing rounds on social media causing people to believe that the two might have hooked up. The wealthy socialite is renowned for bagging influential men.

After being approached for interviews on various Ugandan stations, Zari who is also trying her hand at singing claimed that the photos were from a video shoot for a new song in which she features the bongo superstar.

- Philip Etemesi


Singer Desire Luzinda is on the run after a government official called for her arrest after her nude photos and a sex tape were leaked online by her ex-boyfriend.

Luzinda has gone off the grid and is said to even have fled the country to escape arrest. She took to her Facebook page to put the record straight and also apologised to her mother, daughter and family members for the embarrasment caused by what she terms as “a breach of trust”.

“To all my fans in Uganda and all over the world, as you might be aware, there has been a lot of fanfare and discussion in the media and social media about my photos taken in private that were leaked to the public by a jilted lover.

The facts about this matter are that these were photos taken in privacy with someone I loved. In our private moments, we all have our “moments of madness”. The bottom line is that I trusted this person and never hoped that something done in private would find its way to the public domain irrespective of our differences.

I am aware that for many people who looked up to me as a role model, to the fans who adore my music , to the young generation that looks up to artistes like me as a symbol of the importance of grooming and growing talent, these photos must have been an upset.

I want to sincerely apologise to my mother, to my daughter, to my family, to my friends, my fans and any other people who have been offended by these images. Like I said, this was a breach of trust by someone I loved. I take full responsibility for having lost my mind to take such shameful pics. This person has not only abused that trust but now seeks to drag me down.

Those who have interacted closely with me know I am a decent person, a doting mother and an industrious woman. These images in no way should define who I am.

Let me also thank my numerous fans who have stood by me in this period—asking me to be firm amidst the tempest.

Just to let you know, the responsible authorities are doing everything possible to ensure I get justice. Once again, accept my sincere apologies.

Thank you,

Desire Luzinda

Poor girl. Can we keep the cameras away from the bedroom?


One of the biggest names in Hip Hop, rapper TI was in Tanzania two weeks ago and he says he has never performed in front of an audience that big his entire life.

Yes, the man who has mega hits like “What you know”, “Why You Wanna,” “Live in the Sky,” “Top Back”, and now riding high with “No mediocre” had to come to Africa to get his best concert yet.

“Honestly, I’ve never ever in my whole career performed in my show in front of 50,000 people. Imagine going to Stadium for a TI show and nothing but black people,” he said.

The rapper, who is back in America was at the Breakfast Show where he had to educate one of the hosts, Charlamagne The God for his dumb comments about Africa and Ebola.

“Were you quarantined when you got back?” asked Charlamagne laughing of which TI decided to teach the kid.

“I’m glad he brought that up, would you believe it never came up when I was over there? Recognize, even when you say West Africa, West Africa is huge…” said T.I. “I was more concerned about whether or not my cheque was gon clear.”

Let’s be honest, Charlamagne was being an idiot in that interview. He even asked TI whether Africans had listened to his album dropped here of which his co-host DJ Envy schooled him telling him about “this thing called the internet today.”

But we are glad that T.I really showed he is not just about rhymes and that he knows that Africa is not a country but a bloody continent.

Here’s the interview.

jeff Koinange

Celebrated journalist Jeff Koinange recently revealed that he loves smoking cigars to eliminate his nervousness. The crazy thing is that a pack of his cigars costs anything upwards of Sh60,000. If he blows the smoke on you, you should thank him. To quote the man himself, Oh my Wamae!!

The Cuban brand known as Partagas Series D is popular among many influential people in the world. Only one world can describe this – lanes. Check out photos of Jeff enjoying his cigar.

This brand of Cuban cigars is named for it’s founder, Don Jaime Partagas, who began manufacturing cigars in 1827. Partagas cigars won gold medals in at least three international expositions between 1867 and 1884.

- Philip Etemesi


The current season of Coke Studio Africa has been beyond awesome. Most artistes have given thrilling performances and now this coming weekend, fans will be treated to another spectacular treat.

Haitian singer Wyclef Jean will be rocking the stage among other African artistes. The artiste hasn’t released any notable works of late but he’s still considered as one of the greatest acts of all time.

The singer, who has had several Grammy nominations even vied for the presidency in his country once, was in the country some time back when the show was tapping but they have managed to keep details of his performance hush hush.

Keep your eyes glued for the Preacher’s Son.

- Philip Etemesi


The things people will do for ratings!! Discovery is ready to do the unthinkable, feed a man to an anaconda for its show, “Eaten Alive”.

Discovery released two promos for the special which will see wildlife expert Paul Rosolie swallowed live by the giant serpent as a way of studying the animal. But worry not, Paul will be wearing a protective suit to ensure he is not hurt or digested.

This should be TV gold. Can’t wait to watch it.


The one person feeling the heat after the dramatic expose on Pastor Kanyari is his wife, popular singer Betty Bayo. She has received the wrath of Kenyans online with many accusing her of being part of the scam.

She is not shying away and has even hinted that she will divorce the man while absolving herself from the whole scandal which has shaken the country.

In an interview with People Daily, the singer said that she had been warned against marrying Kanyari but she did not listen.

“Is it true that friends and family tried to warn you against marrying him?” People Daily asked. “I followed my heart. To err is human. We learn through mistakes whatever the cost. I have paid dearly.”

At the same time, she said she had no idea what was going on with her husband.

“I did not know what was going on. I was not party to his clandestine activities. When we met, he had only three people who used to assist him with his job. They would receive phone calls when he was unable to. With time, the number grew to over 30. Previously, they used to sleep in church but the landlord issued a notice that no meeting should be held after 2am. That is when he converted our home into an office.”

She added; “I know this may sound strange, but we only met in the evening when he came home. I had questions, but I kept them to myself. His church money was his and he would do projects with his church members. When he came home, all we talked about was our young family, but I was never got involved with his money.”

Looks like this is a case that even one Olivia Pope can’t handle but it makes for fantastic viewing.

eric omondi

Eric Omondi is one celebrity who’s rarely caught in a scandal. He has managed to have a relatively drama free career but recently a local artiste took to twitter accusing the comedian of endangering lives as he was driving.

According to one MrJemedari, Eric Omondi almost knocked pedestrians over with his Toyota. The comedian was allegedly kissing a woman while driving and couldn’t multitask.

eric omondi tweet2

- Philip Etemesi

Desire Luzinda

Ugandan singer Desire Luzinda has reportedly gone into hiding after nude photos of her together with a sex tape leaked online and now faces arrest.

The singer is said to have fled the country after the Ethics minister threatened to arrest her. It should be noted that Uganda has strict laws against pornographic content.

Rev Fr Lokodo in an interview with the Daily Monitor stated that Desire Luzinda violated the anti-pornography law by exposing her nudity to the entire social media public, thus should be investigated, let alone be arrested.

“She (Luzinda) is a culprit and has broken the anti-pornography law. I have directed the police to arrest her, but first they should investigate her” Rev Fr Lokodo said.

“We have not had a trace of her for the last 24 hours,” a friend told Uganda’s Big Eye.

Desire’s ex Nigerian lover is said to have leaked the photos after the two got into a disagreement.

- Philip Etemesi