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Kenyan Dancehall king Wyre has been on a roll for over a decade and it seems his star isn’t about to fade any time soon. The lovechild has now been granted a go-ahead to do a rendition of Kanda Bongo Man’s “Inde Monie” by the legendary act himself.

Since Wyre has done a few other renditions and remixes. It’s no surprise that Kanda Bongo amn trusted him with this one.

If you were born in the late nineties and beyond you probably have no clue who Kanda Bongoman or why the song was so cool. But don’t worry, Wyre will fill you in.

- Philip Etemesi

Bobi Wine

Ugandan singer Bobi Wine has finally revealed the reason behind his lengthy feud with Bebe Cool. In an interview at a local TV station, Bobi explains that it started even before they became superstars.

“We had two groups; we the boys from the Ghetto and the Bebe’s, who came from the kigaga (wealthy), and this difference always created tensions and friction between the two groups,” said Bobi. I could not allow him (Bebe) to step on us since I already knew deep in my heart he was better than them all.”

So it was all about ghetto versus affluence. Not a solid enough reason to hold a grudge forever if you ask me. The two artiste need to shake hands and discard the “feelings”.

- Philip Etemesi

Jose Chameleone

Legendary Ugandan artiste Jose Chameleone can add “actor” into his resume. He is among the supporting cast in a new film called “Escape from Uganda” that is set to be released in two weeks’ time.

The film is a Malaysian motion picture that will be shot entirely in Uganda. It is directed by Rajesh Nair. It is set to premiere on November 7th.

The film features popular Ugandan actor Michael Wawuyo (as Inspector Michael Morais), Jose Chameleone (as Don Dada), Wilberforce Mutete(as Jailor), Sam Bagenda(as Mayor), Rima Kallingal (as Shika), Parthieban(as CK) and Vijaay Babu (as Jay).

I am shocked Chameleone agreed to be the supporting cast and not the main actor seeing as he is always the center of attraction.

- Philip Etemesi


Wizkid has hit baller status. You can see it in all his hits and even video locations. He is one of the biggest names in the continent and everyone wants a collabo with him.

But that will cost you dear because his midas touch is not free. The singer, who is set to perform in the 254 this weekend revealed that he charges N10million for musical collaborations.

“I charge N10million for collaboration but I don’t charge the people I love. (but) I don’t pay for collaborations because I am confident of myself,” he said.

Last week, Saeon, an upcoming artiste called out Wizkid for failing to promote their song. The lass claimed she paid Wizzy N1.5million to feature in her song but didn’t even get a retweet from him.

When asked about it, Wizkid said he made the song a hit hence he didn’t understand the reason for the complaints.

“I made ‘Boogie down’ song a hit, I did the song out of love from my heart.”

- Philip Etemesi

George Gathara

The government recently banned the film “The Story of Our Lives” for what the Film Board of Kenya said was because of “promoting homosexuality”.

Directed by Jim Chuchu, the film focuses on five characters of the gay and lesbian community who struggle to fit into a society that does not tolerate them.

But while many mull over the ban and what it means for the LGBT community in Kenya, the film’s executive producer George Gathara found himself on the wrong side of the law when cops showed up at his office and took him away.

“Wednesday 15 2014, late afternoon the Kenya Police, accompanied by officers from the Department of Film Service and officials from the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Arts, came to our office at the NEST to effect an arrest for our alleged contravention of the Film and Stage Plays Act by shooting the Stories Of Our Lives Film.

I was taken to the Kilimani police station, and after the intervention of our lawyer, I was released on a cash bail pending the hearing of my criminal case on Friday morning at the Kibera law courts.

My life and work have always been about standing up for things that I believe in. I am grateful for an opportunity to stand with queer people in Kenya and in Africa. I am so proud of the cast, and glad to be able to work with an amazing and conscientious team and supporters.

Again I am proud of the ‪#‎StoriesOfOurLives‬ film. It would be great to see familiar faces in the court room on Friday morning.”

Looks like all the police and the film board are doing is helping hype the film even more. Can’t we all just get along?

Scanned Image

Cash bail image courtesy becauseartislife


You probably have never seen Nazizi wearing a skirt or dress in public. She has always stayed true to her tomboyish look but things are changing. For probably what we can term as “the first time in public” Naz wore a dress.

In the video shoot for her new track with TID titled Pressure, Nazizi wore a decent dress and judging from the photos, she looked really cool.

The excited Nazizi said:

I’m just so excited I can burst!! The video to my new single with T.I.D has a video that is coming out soon and it’s looking soo dope. In other news still can’t get over that dress though. LOL.



International stars seem to be loving Kenya. As we wait for 2 Chainz, veteran Jamaican singer Freddie McGregor is said to be headed to our shores for a scheduled performance on November 29th.

McGregor who released his first album in 1979 is widely considered a Reggae legend. He has gone on to release over 25 albums to date.

- Philip Etemesi


Rapper Wangechi was involved in a grisly road accident that injured three and killed her best friend Tionna. It’s been a tough few weeks for the young rapper but thank God she’s recovering well.

Even though her journey to recovery is yet to be complete, the talented female rapper has assured fans that she is doing well. In a social media post, Wangechi broke her silence and also took some time to thank everyone for their prayers.

- Philip Etemesi


Wizkid’s former producer, Samclef has revealed that he has no love for the afrobeat sensation’s hit single “Tease Me” as well as other songs in Wizkid’s first album. In an interview with Linda Ikeji the renowned producer revealed that he doesn’t like how the superstar goes about dirtying his hard built name.

“I’m not happy with Wizkid. I like his music, but I don’t like him as a person anymore. The reason I don’t like him anymore is, why do you go about spoiling other people’s business? I never spoiled your business, never came out to say anything bad about you for four years. So why would you go to an OAP and tell the OAP that the reason why you no longer work with me is because my beat is amateur. What does that mean? Those amateur beats was what brought you to limelight, was what made you meet the same Akon who first dropped ‘Don’t Dull’ on your voice.” He ranted.

In a bid to show he’s the angel, he said:

”I never downgraded him. I showed him love. I used to go to his house…but he never came to mine. He doesn’t know my house. He hasn’t even seen my son before. It means he doesn’t regard me as a friend. I wanted to feature him in one of my songs but this guy kept posting me for years. That’s not even why I am angry. I am angry because he’s going about disrespecting my talent. Saying these things in public. It is annoying.”

The producer further added:

“I’m doing fine without Wizkid. I don’t want to say I regret working with him but I’m thanking God that we are all alive. But ask him, the people you are going to feature in America, if they were like you, would you meet them?

“I wish him luck. I don’t regret working with his talent, I only regret working with his person. His fame took him away. He forgot where he was coming from. His person is very disgusting. There’s something we call the grace of God. Before Wizkid got to where he is today, somebody gave him a front line, somebody introduced him. He didn’t just come from anywhere.

Making music is not just about one person. Banky was there to give him the front line and others came to help out. I’m not the only one complaining, other producers are complaining.

I don’t want to call names but nobody is saying anything good about Wizkid and you call yourself a superstar when you keep matching other people down. What is the star about you? Is it because you are featuring other foreign artists? You are not the first to do that, others have done that before so why are you carried away?

He then concluded

“I don’t want to do anything with Wizkid anymore. Keep it to yourself, keep your name. I have new friends and new family. But he can continue talking. We are listening. I don’t wish him bad. He says my beat is amateur but watch out for Samklef.”


Anne Kansiime is a pain in the butt, at least in her hit TV and YouTube series but she has a softer side that really never gets to be seen often.

The actress celebrated her one year wedding anniversary yesterday and she posted a mushy message on Facebook and ever the comedian, she had to sneak in something funny.

“Recently in an interview i was asked, ‘would you fight for your man?’ hmmm…
I just laughed coz what the interviewer did not know was, i would go to war for my Ojok.
Its been a year now since we chose each other and i look forward to many more happy years. God’s grace is sufficient. #‎Happyanniversary‬ ‪#‎sharedblessings‬.”

That is so sweet! Wish the couple a happy anniversary.

TV anchors

Looks like there was a major mating season that involved mostly Kenyan TV anchors. Information reaching us has it that top anchors Joy Doreen Biira, Evelyn Wambui, Anne Mawathe, Judy Kosgey and Mashirima Kapombe are all pregnant.

Of course we know it is coincidental but what are the chances that they’re all totting guts full of human at the same time? The kids will all be super tight we guess.

We are happy for them and wish them all the best.

Jose Chameleone

Popular Boy Band Sauti Sol saved the day last weekend at a charity event in Athi River after Ugandan artiste Chameleone, who was meant to headline pulled a no show.

Organizers of the Athi Fest show explained that Chameleone failed to show up due to conflicting schedules. A spokesman said:

”It was partly our fault since he was expected to perform at a certain time. He had also been performing at other venues including at a street bash in Nakuru so he was exhausted,” said the Spokesman.

The crowd grew impatient after waiting for Chameleone for too long and so the equally famous Sauti Sol were called in to save the day.

- Philip Etemesi

File photo of Ghana's national soccer team posing before a friendly soccer match against Netherlands in Rotterdam

A film that focuses on Ghana’s troubled and controversial World Cup campaign is set to be released soon.

The plot will revolve around the incident that occurred when the national team refused to train before their final group match against Portugal in June due to a fallout regarding salaries.

As a result, the Ghanaian government had to send $3 million in cash by plane to appease the players.

Top players such as Christian Atsu, Michael Essien and Ayew are said to have received upto $100,000 in compensation.

Wharton-Rigby the screenplay writer told BBC:

“I saw footage of the police cars taking the money on the highway and you can just see that scene playing out in your mind with someone like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the guy having to save the day. You can see all kinds of mayhem happening on the highway.I can see the poster now; lots of soccer balls, a stadium and a guy on the run.”

Well, let’s just hope it’ll be an interesting one.

- Philip Etemesi


Where two or more great talents are gathered, you expect some major entertainment and that is what was on offer when Yemi Alade teamed up with Diamond for a remix of her hit single “Johnny” and Rabbit stepped on the stage with Awour Arunga and Marlene for Ligi Soo.

Victoria Kimani continues her flirty and playful musical affair with Flavour as they performed Prokoto to an excited crowd.

Everyone showed up in a major way from the band to the BGVs and of course the stars. Check out their performances.


Coke Studio continues to prove everyone right, they are here to create some really great music, bringing in musicians who would probably never have come together and bless us with some life changing music.
Sometimes you watch the performances and feel like you should be paying to watch them instead of watching it on TV. They are that good.

We know it is still early but we have compiled what we believe are the five best performances so far.

1. Ada Ada, Flavour and Victoria Kimani

This is without a doubt the soundtrack of Coke Studio Africa Season 2. If Coke Studio don’t bring out any other hit collabo which is near impossible, then they can seat back and just keep reminding us of this song.
Victoria Kimani, the fast and rising star shone brighter than anyone expected. You would expect performing next to Flavour would overshadow her but homegirl held her own. Forget even the blue hair, her voice, dance style and of course good looks really shone bright.

2. Hawajui, Vanessa Mdee and Burna Boy

Vanessa Mdee, she probably should have got a better partner but that did not deter her from completely owning the show and the stage and relegating Burna Boy to hype man status.
Her voice is golden and her dancing is hypnotizing. If Flavour and Victoria Kimani didn’t have as much chemistry, then Vanessa would have taken the top spot. Or maybe she needs more recognition because she was able to carry everyone on that stage on her small shoulders.

3. Waje and Navio

Can we talk about Waje’s vocals? Girl can rise the dead. She will probably be the one who will sing on the final day as God lands with His golden chariots.
Navio was fantastic but my word Waje overshadowed everybody even the BGVs. You could see the look Navio gives her at the end, he must have been seeing the two of them doing beautiful music together.

4. Black, African N Proud, Fena and Olamide

Fena can “sang”!! This song really does make you proud to be Black and African. Olamide dropped the verse hot and can we say just how fantastic these two are together. That chemistry should be put into good use and give us more collabos or even an album.

5. Champion, Jackie Chandiru and Shaa

Coca Cola Popstars winners Jackie Chandiru and Shaa must have felt right at home in Coke Studio for obvious reasons because they brought their A-game and it illuminated through the show. The two look ad feel like superstars who know they are talented. They are champions and the best thing is, they know it!

Lupita Nyong'o

Sensational Kenyan, Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong’o has picked up yet another prestigious award. According to the US Business Inside, the film and fashion icon is among 22 Most successful Yale Alumni of all time.

The list also features the likes of Former US Presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton as well as CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Congratulations to Lupita.

- Philip Etemesi

Octopizzo - Izvipi

Writing good lyrics isn’t easy. It’s so tasking that even some top international act rely on the services of song writers.

Octopizzo is known for his killer flow but what inspires him has not been known until now. Surprisingly, it’s his daughter’s pictures that give him ideas. The rapper posted a photo of himself looking at her picture while writing. This was followed by the caption: “Studio time, always writing rhymes with my daughters photos on the side. coz i do it for my daughters new music.”

- Philip Etemesi


No, he was not in an accident, but Kenyan music star Redsan can surely say thank you to his god and car that he is alive.

Last week, the singer was detained overnight by police who arrested him on Friday night on suspicion that he could have been a terrorist.

The singer was trying to gain access to the Nairobi International Trade Fair grounds for a scheduled performance but a misunderstanding occurred when the star and his entourage refused to be screened and drove off.

We are informed that the police officers detected two guns inside the car and when Redsan drove off, they contacted the Anti-terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) who circulated the number plate around Nairobi and started hunting for them.

“One of the cops said someone in the car was of Somali descent which raised the alert even higher,” said our source.

The police finally caught up with Redsan on Mombasa Road and guns were drawn ready to shoot but the car the “suspects” were in was a Range Rover and not a Probox which has been the car of choice by most terrorists.

“They were not taking any chances but the choice of car made them not fire,” says the source. They were taken to Central Police Station where they had to wait for ATPU to come and clear them the next morning.

DNG proposal

It’s on like Donkey Kong!! It’s all smiles for Kenya’s Number One hypeman DnG as he is now done with the hardest part when it comes to tying the knot; paying the bride price!

The radio presenter proposed to his fiancee Yvette Nungari four months ago and the couple then held the traditional wedding ceremony or “Ruracio” over the weekend. He now has the green light to go ahead and wed his girl.

Congratulations sir!

- Philip Etemesi


Good news for Kenya’s Southampton midfielder Victor Wanyama who’s been named September’s Premier League African Player of The Month. Wanyama beat other notable contenders such as Obi Mikel, Victor Moses, Moses Diafra and Mo Diame.

The Kenyan midfield maestro scored his first ever premiered Premier league goal against Swansea and has also helped his side remain in top contention.

New African Soccer, the organizers of the award said:

“It was a tough choice as we had to also take into account, the performance of the Senegalese Diafra Sakho, who has been in explosive form since he arrived in England. Sakho has scored in virtually every game he played for West Ham and is as deserving of the award as Wanyama”, the statement added, “but what swayed it in Wanyama’s favour was his overall team work and contribution, especially at what many thought would be a difficult time for his club, having lost many first team players in the summer”.

- Philip Etemesi

Tyler Perry

Madea is coming to Kenya!! American actor and film director Tyler Perry famed for his Madea series is on his way to our shores.

The Diary of a mad black woman, Haves and Have Nots, Temptations: Confessions of a marriage counselor, Why did I get married and For Coloured girls director is expected in the country on November 6th and 7th to headline the Global Leadership Summit that is to take place at CITAM Valley Road in Nairobi.

Tickets are going for Ksh 2,000.

- Philip Etemesi


American-Senegalese singer Akon made headlines last week after his show in Congo. Many media outlets reported that he had performed in a bubble to avoid contracting the deadly Ebola virus. Well, this is not true.

Apparently the bubble has been a part of his shows for a long time. The singer clarified the matter via Twitter saying:

akon tweet

- Philip Etemesi


Redsan is without a doubt one of the biggest names in entertainment, not just in Kenya but the region. His music is a hit and let’s be honest, the ladies love them some Swabir Mohamed.

But there is one thing we still don’t understand when it comes to Redsan, no, it’s not why he has been AWOL from the industry for years, but why he still wears a Durag in the year of our Lord 2014.

He was photographed over the weekend leaving a police station after he spent the night in jail following a gun drama with the cops.

Yes, Redsan still managed to keep his Durag on even in a police cell, it just shows you that this is not just a durag, this is so much more.

If you don’t know what a Durag is, we asked Urban Dictionary and they broke it down for us thus; “A silk-like material worn around the head of black males as a fashion statement. It wraps around the skull, with a small flap hanging down in the rear, over the neck.

Du Rags originated in prisons in the 1970′s, to try and simulate the long hair of a (male)female inmate, so the (male) males, could easily tell them apart. It was originally black, but many colors are in use today.

Now banned in most prisons of today, Du Rags have moved into main stream black fashion, and the use no longer signifies any sexual connotations. Court cases in New York City have supported the use of Du rags at work, when employers complained that it was not “appropriate”. Black men have even been seen in a business suit, coming from work, wearing a du rag. Bald Black men (with no braids) also wear du rags. A du rag, under a baseball cap, it also gaining popularity.”

We have five theories as to why the singer still rocks a Durag.

His parents made a covenant with God

Parents will do anything for their kids, they will beg and steal just so they can have a good life, better than they had when they were little.

So it’s only fair that Redsan’s parents vowed to never let their child remove a Durag if God gave him a musical talent. They told Allah that if He made him a successful artiste, they will make sure the Durag was his signature look.

Allah did hear their prayers and from the look of things, they kept their promise. That is so heart warming right?

It is part of the family history

Maybe if we checked the photos of Redsan’s ancestors, we will see them rocking Durags in 1800. Maybe his family tree is crowned with a Durag, that is one of the theories we have come up with and we are sticking to it.

Tradition is an important thing in life and Redsan is not one to rebel against tradition and we are happy for him. Maybe that Durag is handed down to all first born sons in the Swabir family and so, he will keep it and when he has his own son, he will go to pick him up from hospital not with a stretch Hummer but a Durag.

Keep the tradition going Redsan.

He is endorsed by a Durag company

Endorsements are super lucrative and maybe what we don’t know is that Redsan has a multimillion dollar contract with a Durag company. You keep laughing at him but boy is making bank with that piece of clothing.

The company must always be proud that they choose Redsan to be their silent ambassador because he has stayed loyal for close to 20 years now. Who else has that level of loyalty? 50 Cent, Nelly, R Kelly used to rock Durags back in the day but it looks as though they were dropped from the company and Redsan was retained, that is major.

So, Redsan, make your money and let the haters hate though if you can, get another deal with a hat brand. Variety!

He is bald

Some say that Redsan’s dreads, which never seem to grow beyond a few inches are fake and he uses the Durag to hold them in place. Maybe the talented star is bald and that would not be a good look for him. Can you imagine Redsan bald, that’s like imagining Uhuru Kenyatta broke, impossible.

Image is everything and Redsan clearly knows this. The day he shows up with no durag and short dreads will be the day you guys stop listening to him.

He is the Bono of Durags

Bono never removes his glasses be it day or night so why can’t Redsan do the same? Bono meets Heads of States with his shades on and Redsan does the same with his head socks.

It is no secret that Redsan wants to be an international star and who is bigger than Bono? It is all about ambition people, let the Durag stay on.


One thing we all didn’t know about rapper Rabbit is that he studied Accounting at the Metropolitan University in Britain. The gifted artiste told the Nairobian that he had a number of interesting experiences in the UK, including dating a mzungu.

He said:

“It was in college that I developed the love for musical pieces. Since I was in love with mathematics, it was hard to imagine that I could pursue music as a career. My hands were full, and so I had to juggle between accounting, music and a small business to make some money. Most of the time, I wished class could end sooner to afford me some time to write songs. Interestingly, I never sang, all I did was write lots of songs in college.”

The “Swahili Shakespeare” was a bad boy hitting on everyone including his lecturer.

“Lectures were fun, and I remember this young beautiful lecturer who made her classes fun to attend. She was very beautiful, which occasionally prompted me to tease her – not in a bad way. Unfortunately, this put me in her bad books. But she understood that it was all because of her beauty.”

Having failed in his quest with the lecturer, Rabbit found love somewhere else.

“Do you know that I dated a white girl? Yes, I did and we loved each other so much. But when I came back to Kenya, the long distance weakened the relationship. Soon, I started dating my current lovely wife. However, we still exchange greetings with the mzungu girl occasionally.”

- Philip Etemesi