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Several Kenyan artistes are threatening to quit popular music platform, “Mdundo”.

Mdundo, which labels itself as being the “largest music library in East Africa” works by allowing fans to download their favorite music and in return, artistes are paid according to the number of downloads each song gets.

A number of artistes have in the past complained of being underpaid but Mdundo CEO Martin Nielsen clarified that Mdundo does not force musicians to sign up and they can leave whenever they want. He says the platform is actually more beneficial to artistes than it it to him.

According to Mdundo, each artist earns Ksh 4 per download and there’s a system to verify downloads and payments but artistes are saying that price is way too low.

Mdundo strike

- Philip Etemesi

Boniface Mwangi-Moses Kuria

There is never a dull day in the lives of politician Moses Kuria and activist Boniface Mwangi. The two are different peas in the same pod as they are brought together by politics only that they have different beliefs.

Well, today Moses Kuria, no stranger to being a keyboard warrior sent out a tweet to Boniface Mwangi asking him to stop mentioning him in a TV show and even mentioned Mwangi’s wife.

“If you continue mentioning me on TV @bonifacemwangi Njeri wont do what i will do to you”, read the tweet.

Depending on who you ask, that can either be a joke or a very serious threat. No claps for guessing that Mwangi went with the latter and he is now threatening to go and report Kuria to the police.

“At 3pm,l shall go to Central police station to record a statement concerning the threat that Moses Kuria tweeted.”

Grab your popcorn and alert a friend, this is about to get ugly.

Flavour_Victoria Kimani

Collaborations are usually a tricky affair. It depends on the chemistry between the artistes and that trumps talent most of the time. A collabo either works or tanks.

Well, thank our Coke gods because if there is one collaboration that seems to have worked best so far, it has to be between Flavour and Victoria Kimani.

Coke Studio, arguably one of the best music shows out there today premiered on Saturday and as expected had a large serving of collaborations that clicked and gave fantastic entertainment.

The best however, if you ask us has got to be between Flavour and Victoria Kimani. The two performed Flavour’s 2013 smash hit “Ada Ada” and they did something that rarely happens, improving on a hit.

Their chemistry was undeniable, from the outfit coordination to the vocals. To quote Victoria Kimani, “They sounded Nigerian but looked Kenyan.”

The song serves as a theme song to every African traditional wedding, and brings out the beauty of the African woman.

Here’s the video.


Rapper Wangechi lost her best friend Tionna Lyssa today after she succumbed to injuries sustained in a grisly road accident.

The beautiful Tionna is said to have been tossed out of the car before it came crushing down on her and she died later in hospital. She was the only surviving member of her family as both her parents died when she was still young.

On her Tumblr page, Tionna reveals that she was suicidal and has at one point tried to kill herself saying; “maybe I should have killed myself when I had the chance.”

“Lately, I’ve been thinking of the time I was suicidal.. There really isn’t anything good about that time. I don’t recall a happy moment or a time I smiled. I was just… Dead, I guess. I was literally numb to everything, I had no one to talk to. Im an only child with two parents that are gone. The only thing I have left are my thoughts.. which aren’t good.

I keep of thinking on that day.. maybe I should have continued to cut myself.. maybe I should have killed myself when I had the chance, I should have just grown some balls and cut my wrist in peace. I really don’t feel like there’s anything in this life for me. it’s like one bad thing happening after the other to me.. I’m only 20 and I’ve seen life more than any 32 year old has.. and I hate that. Why does it have to be struggle after struggle for me? Pain after pain, disappointment after effort.. it’s like God is giving me a sign to end my suffering.. to just go and be with my mother… Isn’t death suppose to be peaceful? isn’t heaven place to be one with yourself? I’m not sure but I’m curious enough to find out.”

She explained about her family in an earlier post;

“I realized i cant control anything in my life the day my mother died… Or better yet, the time I knew i couldnt find out about my father because he died before i could know his name… Thats when i knew being an only child to a single mother is horrible, mostly is she dies before you. Even though this was 8 years ago, ill necer be over it. Never. And as i go on through life, everytime i succeed in something i feel like my mother is so proud of me. Like her only offspring is doing something on her own.. like a big girl is suppose to do.

Recently, though i would be able to do something but, i didnt qualify to do so. It hurt me to a point of no sign of return.. I mean, im good at this craft and im being told Im bot good enough for it kills me.. I feel like i let myself down, my mother, and my family.. they all look at me as a child that doesnt know what life is even though ive experienced more than theyll every know.. im tried of feeling like a failure with no suport system. Im tried of feeling like im not good enough.. im tired of putting in so much effort in something and getting zero in return.

Im so tired.”

May she rest in peace.


Top female rapper Wangechi is still alive and recovering after surgery contrary to rumours circulating on social media.

Rumours were rife on Twitter Sunday night that the rapper succumbed to her injuries after a grisly road accident that claimed one life.

But music producer Kevin Provoke tweeted; “Wangechi is okay please stop with the rumours and pray for her recovery #prayforwangechi”

The rapper was in a bad accident on Sunday as she, her best friend Tionna and Provoke drove to a yet to be disclosed location. Many allege drunk driving may have been the cause of the accident.

Tionna is said to have been thrown out of the car as it rolled and it later landed on her. She later died in hospital while undergoing treatment.

Wangechi was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit and Capital FM producer Joe Muchiri tweeted that she was paralyzed on one side. Provoke later tweeted that he had spoken to her and that she was getting better.

We wish Wangechi a quick recovery and may her friend rest in peace. #PrayForWangechi

Twitter is known for its trend of killing celebrities just for Retweets and this is a sad trend.

Wangeci car



Dear Alaine

Unaendeleache? How are you doing? My heart is loaded with excitement as I write this humongous letter. Ever since you sang a song for me on Churchill Show, my feelings have been as heavy as a giant thermos flask that’s full of “tikin” tea. “Tikin” is the type of tea which has more masiwa than machi.I mean more milk than water. Si uelewanga? Fery good.

Personally me good, Me a di boss. Me a di don, me a di emperor here in Luhya land. Do not wonder. I learnt a little Jamaican from Mbusii of Radio Jambo, whose show I listen to every afternoon. I would like to let you know from the bottom of my heavy heart that “Nakupenda Pia”.

I am a very dangerousful man by the way when it comes to punch lines aka “Mistari”. Your eyes are so beautiful. They remind me of a pinch of ugali that has been complemented with a little sukuma wiki in the middle or a boiled egg with a dark york. Your behind is as fine as fresh pumpkin from the river bed. Whenever I look at you on my neighbor’s TV my neighbors TV, I am as shocked as a night runner who has been caught, because I can’t believe how beautiful you are.

I must tell you that i was joyfully flabbergasted when you composed a track for me. Not to say I was bombazlled. This is to say I was frantically astonished. That night I even slaughtered my fattest hen in celebration. Her chics are now orphans. Too bad you said you are a vegetarian. I would have sent some few pieces to you back in Jamaica.

Over the past few days, my father Wanyama and I have been preparing dowry for you. 10 champion bulls. Each one of them has more than two titles in the Ikolomani Bullfighting Challenge. Then there are 25 cows which produce over 10 litres of milk per day each. I am not poor by the way. First of all I am sufficiently educated with a P+ in secondary and a degree in Mukangala Dancing from the University of Masinde Muliro. That is why I have very good English.

My Isimba is decorated with furniture that I constructed myself as well pictures of my high school funkies. I own a radio that has eight batteries. Even the chief of our village in Khwisero doesn’t have such a powerful stereo. The other day my bukusu brother got married to an Indian girl. He will organize for me a job at a shop in Kakamega town/ you know Indians have shops everywhere.

So empress Alaine, since you love me and I love you, then you look me and I look you, why don’t you take me and I take you? Come to Khwisero so that we start a family. I am well connected by the way so I will organize collabos between you and popular artiste here such as Sukuma Bin Ongaro and The Villagers Band. I will even get international artistes from United Kisumu for you.

My long letter is finally coming to an end sweet pepy. I am going kuku because I love you. Don’t go far away, not even one centimeter away. Even since you proclaimed to me Wafula Etemesi, I cannot even sleep. The cock crows when I’m still awake. You have sitted on me chapati. Please free me from the shackles of your obsession. So Omukhana Alaine, Utanioako? (Will you marry me?)


Nishikeko by Sauti Sol

Yours sincerely,

Philip Etemesi aka Wafula Etemesi

Esther Arunga

Shocking details are emerging from the Esther Arunga, Quincy Timberlake case where both have been charged with murder of their two year old son Sinclair in Australia.

According to news.com.au, police allege Esther Arunga gave different versions of what happened on the night of the son’s death, including that her husband had claimed he was trying to save the boy from aliens.

She told ambulance officers in a phone call their son had fallen downstairs and had vomited, police allege.

She handed the phone to her husband who told them the child was vomiting and breathing. Police stated that both parents appeared “calm and composed” during the call.

Police identified the mother stating to her husband “he’s dead” while on the telephone, they allege.

The boy had injuries to his arms and legs, including bruising and scarring and had a large lineal injury to the right side of his head.

Police allege the injuries were inconsistent with the account of what happened on the stairs.

Police allege she originally told them she heard the boy scream “mummy, mummy” after hearing a thud noise at the house about 11.30pm on June 17.

She said the father found the boy on an internal staircase face down.

The boy was given Panadol, according to her account, while marks on his face were due to an iron hitting his face two days earlier. Other scars on the boy happened overseas while living in Dubai and Kenya.

She subsequently told police her husband told her he was “pumping poison” from the child and he was being “chased by demons, soldiers and the parents of his wife wanting to kill him”.

She also claimed scars on the boy could be due to a healing technique called “coining” and from “cupping”.


P-Square’s Peter Okoye, has revealed that his brother is lazy when it comes to pulling killer dance moves.

Speaking to Pulse Nigeria, he made it known that his bro Paul is the reason why great dance steps are missing in the group

Elaborating further, he said: “It’s not that Paul cannot dance, he’s just lazy. The other day, we booked a 7-hour photo session and by the first hour, Paul was already tired”

Paul even agreed with Peter’s sentiments saying: “It’s true”; “I don’t like all the gra gra dance, I’m always afraid that I’ll break my bones, I prefer the cool moves like that ‘Do Me’ dance”, P-square are set to drop their 6th studio album, ‘Double Trouble’ today, September 12th.

- Philip Etemesi

Dj Gee Gee 3

It is engagement season in the entertainment industry and one Daniel Ngotho, aka, DJ Gee Gee of Kubamba Crew is the latest to make his intentions to wed his girlfriend known.

The burly VDJ who is also a host on Kubamba show on Citizen TV went down on both knees and proposed to his girlfriend Jasmine Mungai at the Fox Cineplex, Sarit Center.

Gee Gee did it in style as well, delivering a box of cup cakes that had the magical “Will you marry me?” words. The girl of course said yes and she bust into tears as he went on both knees and whipped out a ring.

Congratulations to the couple and all the best.

DJ Gee Gee 6

Dj Gee Gee 4

Dj Gee Gee 5

DJ Gee Gee

Dj Gee Gee 2

Esther arunga_Izvipi

Former TV presenter Esther Arunga is now facing murder charges over her two-year-old son’s death.

Already her husband Quincy Timberlake has appeared in court over the death of his son, Sinclair, at Kallangur in June.

According to Brisbane Times, detectives from the Pine Rivers Child Protection and Investigation Unit on Thursday charged Esther Adongo Arunga, 34, with accessory to her son’s murder.

Criminal lawyer Chris Ford, who represented the couple in their separate legal cases, said Ms Arunga intended to fight the charges.

“We’ll be seeking bail as soon as is practicable,” he said.

panadol producer

A Ugandan producer by the name Didi, is under fire from both fans and the government over Panadol Wabasajja’s music video.

Didi made the explicit video that features a nude village girl dancing erotically as she flashes her private parts. The music clip has disgusted many fans in East Africa.

What’s shocking is that the guy is a respectable producer having done videos and songs for artistes such as Eddy Kenzo, Coco Finger and Henry Tigan.

Reports also indicate that a warrant of arrest has been issued against him. In a country where miniskirts are even banned, perhaps that was too bold a move. No word if Panadol is also being sought.

You can read our review of the disgusting video here

- Philip Etemesi

Jose Chameleone

Ugandan artistes are rallying support for their sports teams. This is something we’d surely love to see in Kenya as support is truly anaemic.

Bebe Cool was recently appointed ambassador for the Uganda Cranes and now Chameleon has composed an anthem for them.

The song, titled “Cranes Tubonge” will be used as a theme song during matches and for campaigns to promote the Ugandan national team. It’d surely be a good thing if we had one for Harambee Stars too.

- Philip Etemesi

willy bahati

Gospel giants Willy Paul and Bahati could be doing a collabo soon that will go a long way in alleviating rumours that there is bad blood between the two young stars.

Personally, I’m always against collaborations between rival artistes because one always ends up giving a poor verse. History has proved that.

The two look like they are best buds in a photo that Willy Paul posted on Facebook so we just have to wait and see. If the collabo doesn’t suck, these two might release the hottest song of 2015.

- Philip Etemesi


There is a new group on Facebook that is all the rave and its existence is purely to expose parents who are alive but very absent from their children’s lives.

The group has amassed a crazy following in under four days – last we checked it has a staggering 18,820 members – and there is more drama in there than the full eight seasons of 24 and Game of Thrones combined.

Generally what happens in there, people, mostly women, out their children’s fathers giving details of neglect and attempts to get them to take care of their seeds.

One such person who showed up on that group today is Daisy Kiplagat, she is rapper Prezzo’s ex wife and she is breathing fire and though, she says she doesn’t want anything from him, she claims that he has not been in touch since the daughter was two years old.

Daisy alleges that Prezzo, whom she calls “monster”, has never paid a dime towards his child’s upkeep despite being in the media claiming the way he spoils her.

“He goes around on TV and since he is able to hold a mic or have fake written interviews he is always claiming to be taking his daughter to the best school in Kenya and that she is her princess spoils her rotten. He has never paid her fees never paid any dime for her up keep all this is my sweat and my blessed parents and family support. I don’t need to communicate with him but I wanted to have this space to let you all know that this guy instead chooses to go around with women and lie to them how rich he is and yet he doesn’t have anything and stays at his mum’s house. So when you all hear how he does and loves his daughter please don’t be fooled,” she says.

Someone sent us a screenshot of Daisy’s rant and it is epic!! If these allegations are true, then it is sad though we don’t know how outing him will make him step up and take care of the child. Take care of your seeds people.



Kenyan actor, Peter King Mwania has had a major boost in his career as he has now been selected to co-star in an upcoming Netflix American Sci-fi drama series dubbed “Sense 8″. The show is created and produced by the brains behind the legendary film, “The Matrix”.

King is known for his role in the popular Kenyan TV series “Nairobi Law” where he plays “Oletepesi”, a lawyer. He received a nomination in the recent Kalasha Awards.

The actor revealed the news via social media saying: “Around four months ago I had a car accident as I was driving to Nairobi to attend an audition. Despite the trauma and the injuries I went ahead to audition for the part. I’m happy to announce that I got the role! It’s an exciting character in the action packed Netflix SiFi “Sense 8″ to launch in 2015. The Series is created by the Wachowskis, creators of The Matrix. NOTHING CAN STOP THE FAVOUR OF THE LORD!!”

Netflix is an American provider of on-demand internet streaming media available to viewers in North and South America, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe, and of flat rate DVD-by-mail in the United States. As of March, Netflix had 33 million subscribers.

Congratulations to King and may this role be the beginning of many more.

- Philip Etemesi


Bongo superstar, Diamond Platnumz has given leading gospel star Bahati a major endorsement after he said that he loves Bahati’s music.

The Tanzanian singer is full of admiration for the youngster’s work. The two popular acts happened to meet a few days ago courtesy of Mseto East Africa’s Willy M Tuva.

An impressed Mr. Platinuumz said: “Huyu akiwa marketed vizuri nje ya Kenya kwanza huu wimbo wake Barua, ata hit sana maana kiukweli anaweza,” .

When asked about the possibility of a collaboration, the “Number one” hit maker said anything can happen.

Bahati is a hardworking, humble star who bolted out of oblivion straight to the top of the charts in less than two years and he looks like he is just warming up.

- Philip Etemesi



Entertainment power couple Nameless and Wahu have been together forever it seems and unlike many celebrity marriages, their marriage seems to still be going strong.

Of course there are hitches along the road but these two parents of two adorable girls have proven that they are better together than apart and have fought anything that has come their way.

The two got married nine years ago at the Lake Naivasha Country Club in what was and still is one of the top Kenyan celebrity weddings.

Nameless, unlike many men, did not forget the anniversary and took to social media to celebrate the milestone.

“Today It’s been 9 years since we said “I do!” we still strong! Happy anniversary to the love of my life @wahukagwi”

“9 years since you stepped out of that boat and into my arms. With your father’s blessings. love you.”

Awww!! So sweet. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Mathenge and wish you many more happy and fruitful anniversaries.

willis rabulu sally mbilu

The Royal Media Service family is celebrating the engagement of two of their top employees, Willis Raburu and Sally Mbilu.

The Citizen TV couple who have been dating for close to three years now are now working on a wedding after Raburu proposed yesterday evening.

“She said Yes!!! My Kindred soul” Instagrammed Raburu posting three pictures of the ring in Sally’s finger in what looks like an outdoor setting.

We wish the couple all the best.


ramah nyang

The bald and deep voiced Ramah Nyang’ has created a major brand of himself in media but still managed to keep his private life very private, a rarity these days.

The CCTV news anchor recently opened up in an interview with Eve Woman and he exposed some deep and private things about him and his family and also the fact that he does not believe in Christianity.

For starters, Ramah, who is addicted to cars says that he and his father have a strained relationship and they haven’t met in three years despite living in the same city.

He was asked; “You have always talked about your younger brother, older brother, mother and your sister. Not your father. How come?”

His answer; “We don’t have a relationship. We don’t see eye to eye. It has been three years since we met yet he lives here in the city. It started in high school. Even though I got a B+, he felt that I was a failure. He wanted an A son… A lot of things have come in between to make our relationship worse. I don’t think that his view of me has changed. I honestly don’t care whether it has changed or not. Given our differences, I think our situation will just stay as it is. I can’t dwell on it.”

On the issue of starting a family; “I don’t see myself in a family with children all over the place. Starting a family is not something I wake up and look forward to the way some people do. I have zero interest in having children. I don’t do something if I’m not passionate about it since I know I won’t be dedicated to its execution. I’m neither passionate nor dedicated about having children, so I wouldn’t be a good parent. Just like being a Christian.”

grace msalame

You always see tweets, Facebook posts about dead beat dads who were nothing but sperm donors, so it is refreshing when every once in a while you find a man who carries his weight and deserves the title “father”.

One such person in Grace Msalame’s baby daddy Ndichu and she made that known today after she posted a moving tribute to him and one that should help highlight the many dudes who stick around for their kids even when the relationship with their mother goes south.

She said; #TBT Taking time to Celebrate this Great Daddy

Jim Chuchu

Kenyan film “Stories of Our Lives”, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last Friday is making international headlines because of its subject matter.

Directed by Jim Chuchu, the film focuses on five characters of the gay and lesbian community who struggle to fit into a society that does not tolerate them.

The film received critical acclaim upon its release but raised the question as to why the cast was accredited to “anonymous” characters. However, the director clarified the matter saying the aim was to protect the actors who portrayed the fictional characters in the film.

According to Al Jazeera, the movie was shot in the course of 8 months on a budget of Sh1.3 million. What’s interesting is that most of the cast and crew were first time actors.

The Kenyan premiere of the movie is yet to happen since the producers are rather unsure of the impact it may have in the country especially considering the recent proposal to parliament to enact strict laws on the LGBT community.


The ice bucket challenge was going on well until one Panadol Wabasajja decided to do it in this vomit inducing video.

You see, the Bible says that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made. Not one for sacrilege but I want to believe Panadol was fearfully made. I will not say wonderful because it is a sin to lie.

Once you get over the fact that some parent somewhere named their kid Panadol, then you realise that is the least of your worries. This video is not trash, no, Blaqy and Risper Faith’s “Money Maker is trash. This video is 50 shades beyond worthless.

Two things happen when you watch Panadol in action; you get a headache and your name is struck off the list in heaven. It looks like something ISIS will use once they run out of people to behead.

I have never seen a girl remove her underwear and I had a gag reflex. Even PornHub will not allow this video.

If you can, do not watch this video. I envy the millions of people who are going through life with their minds unpolluted by this dumb, vile and mind numbing video. People who will never know their names are still in the book of life.

Those people will never look at water flowing down their bodies and they think of Panadol Wabasajja. They will not cry themselves to sleep or wake up in the morning asking God for forgiveness. That is why we will not show you the video, if you really want to kill your brain cells, you have to go find the video on your own. We also have standards you know!

We need president Kaguta Museveni to issue an official apology because this video, this artiste will do more harm for the stability of the East African Community than Migingo.

We survived Migingo, we survived people stealing Museveni’s cows, we survived finding the missing presidential BMW in Uganda but I am afraid we will not survive Panadol Wabasajja.

The video is shot in some dingy bathroom, you know, the ones you find in slums and she still managed to make it look cheap. You can smell the stink through the video, it is a “fish market” when she finally removes her under garment and starts convulsing because I will not call whatever she is doing twerking.

I will never unsee what I saw but the two questions I had after watching the video were; is she a prostitute? Is she a member of Al Shabaab’s digital terrorism unit? We need answers.


Renowned Nollywood actor Desmond Elliot is in the country filming a soap opera.

Kenyan actor Gerald Langiri who will be starring alongside Elliot talked to The Star saying: “The storyline is purely Kenyan and the set is located in Muthaiga. Right now the cast and crew are working at shooting all his scenes first before he leaves. We started shooting last week and and so far we have shot 22 episodes.”

“I play a corrupt politician whom Desmond’s character wants to work with because he has heard of the many deals he can invest in,” Gerald added, “On travelling to Kenya, he also falls in love with my niece who is a young doctor in a county hospital.”

We hear the soap opera will be a 300-program show. Should be interesting.

- Philip Etemesi

risper faith

Popular socialite and video vixen Risper Faith has come out to speak about the road accident that injured her and claimed a friend’s life. Risper was recently discharged from a Nakuru hospital.

“It was a really bad accident. The brakes failed and the car rammed into a transit truck after which we rolled eight times,” she recalled. “At first I thought all was well but the doctors discovered I had broken glasses lodged in my leg. I was then re-admitted and discharged with a three-week bed rest report,” she told Pulse.

“The car was written off and I am just sorry my schoolmate and friend passed on in this accident,” Risper said.

- Philip Etemesi